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USB C Sleutel

SanDisk launches the first key USB Type-C



In addition to its 200 GB microSD and its new internal eMMC memory, SanDisk unveiled at MWC 2015, the first USB Type-C key market.
The USB-IF has recently ratified a new connector USB Type-C, which aims to become the universal USB connector, replacing the three connectors that coexist to date (called standard connector, mini USB and micro USB) and which will soon begin to democratize.
Nokia N1 shelf (the division that has not been acquired by Microsoft) and the first motherboards and daughter boards USB 3.1, with such ports, will soon be marketed. A research firm predicted earlier this year that 12% of phones will be equipped by 2016.
A phone in ten a few computers, it is a start, but not enough to justify the existence of only USB Type-C. Initially, SanDisk reserves the connectors to its range Dual Drive, one in which it already provides key double standard USB connector and micro USB for Android devices. It is launching a product, simply called “Dual USB Drive Type C”, with a standard type A USB port on one side and a USB port type C on the other.
Between the two, there is 32 GB of flash memory and a USB 3.0 controller, further proof, if any were needed, that the USB Type-C does not necessarily rhyme with the new USB 3.1 standard. Failing to involve better flow rates, this connector to recall the advantage of being reversible, as the owner of Apple Lightning connector.
This USB stick, responding to the reference SDDDC-032G, will be available worldwide in the second quarter 2015, for an unknown price.

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In kort Nederlands: SanDisk introduceert in het tweede kwartaal van 2015 een USB sleutel van 32 Gb met een normale èn USB C aansluiting. Prijs: nog onbekend.


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Re: USB C Sleutel

MWC: Sandisk USB drive met Type C-connector

Door Jorik Simons   donderdag 5 maart 2015 11:56, views: 2.575, bron: Sandisk


Sandisk heeft op het Mobile World Congres in Barcelona haar eerste USB-stick met een Type C-connector geïntroduceerd. De flashdrive heet SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type C en beschikt naast de Type C-connector ook over een normale full-size USB-connector. Hiermee richt Sandisk zich uiteraard op de mobiele markt waar de nieuwe USB-connector veel voordelen biedt.

De nieuwe stick heeft een capaciteit van 32 gigabyte. Sandisk heeft nog geen lees- en schrijfsnelheden opgegeven. De full-size USB-poort is van het type 3.0. Om de gegevensoverdacht tussen smartphone en stick te vereenvoudigen heeft Sandisk de Memory Zone app ontwikkeld. Met deze app is het mogelijk om de bestanden op je Android-devices te organiseren, monitoren en te back-uppen.

De prijs van de SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type C is nog niet bekend gemaakt.



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Re: USB C Sleutel

EMTEC announces one of the first backwards-compatible DUO USB-C flash drives!


Just in time for the upcoming MacBooks, EMTEC today announced the DUO Type C 2-in-1 flash drive, a sleek new device which features a Type C connector on one side and standard USB 3.0 on the other.

With a sleek design and pocket-friendly size, the thumb drive lets you easily share files between computers and new-generation smartphones, tablets and laptops using. Available in 16GB and 32GB capacities, the tiny device measures just 1" long by 0.6" wide by 0.3" thin. Just slide the drive back and forth to select the format you need, providing extra storage on the go. The DUO Type C 2-in-1 flash drive from EMTEC is perfect for Apple's new MacBook, Nokia N1, Chromebook Pixel, and a wide range of upcoming products that utilize the emerging tech. It will be available in Q2 2015; prices are still being finalized.

In kort Nederlands: EMTEC komt nu ook met een USB sleutel met USB C connector in de handel. Verkrijgbaar in 16 Gb en 32 Gb. De USB sleutel beschikt ook nog over een klassieke USB 3.0 aansluiting. Prijs: nog onbekend.


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Re: USB C Sleutel

thx!! je merkt wel ik ben  een dummie onder de Dummies hahahahaha


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